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    Stock Code:600981Chinese


    Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation, founded in December 1996, is a large provincial state-owned enterprise. By merger and reorganization of several professional foreign trade companies, High Hope Group has presently become the largest provincial foreign trade enterprise. In 2014, the operating revenue of High Hope Group has reached RMB 51.4 billion and the total import-export volume has reached USD 5.7 billion. High Hope Group ranked 248th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 40th among the top 500 Chinese foreign trade enterprises and 86th among the top 500 Chinese service enterprises. In 2015, it ranked 41st among the top 500 Chinese foreign trade enterprises...

    Supply Chain Operation

    High Hope group focuses on emerging industries such as cold-chain logistics and healthcare and upgrades the three preponderant traditional sectors of textile ...

    Industry Development

    High Hope Group, adhering to the development principle of larger and stronger main business with appropriate diversification, has developed business sectors ...

    Capital Operation

    Taking the opportunity of overall listing and major asset restructuring, and making full use of the investment and financing function of multi-level capital market ...

    Tel:86-25-84691000 E-mail:mail@high-hope.com
    High Hope Mansion,91 Bai Xia Road,Nanjing,China,High Hope International Group.All rights reserved.